FG03 Frameless Stack Away System

Introducing the next generation in Frameless Glass Systems, purpose built for the South African market.



Nylon, stainless steel and aluminum components utilized in such a manner that they complement each other. Allowing the system to a max height of 3m.


The FG03 system has a unique internal drip tray built into the bottom track to cope with water that might seep through in harsh weather conditions. The gutter has weeping holes leading the water back into the track (of which the base is slanted forward) and the water can be drained out via pipes or machine holes.


Powder coat finishes. Parts and systems manufactured in South Africa. Various powder coating colours to choose from.


Frameless Glass Doors

The FG03 Frameless Sliding Stacking Glass door is a truly stunning development in the world of frameless glass. Based on a tried, tested and loved system of sliding and stacking, this is the number one option when regarding high quality glass door installations.

A fantastic, intelligent design, the FG03 has a cam lock system that enables the primary door to lock with a handle while maintaining the integrity of the overall chain. This unique system has a nifty guttering channel, built into the bottom track to cope with any water that might seep through in harsh weather conditions. This gutter acts as an internal drip tray with weeping holes, leading the water back into the main track, to be released by drain water pipes or external weeping holes.

As security is also a main focus of this design, a steadfast barrier is created by fusing the 8mm or 10mm toughened glass onto beads and bars by means of structural tape, bolts and nuts. Once they are joined, they cannot be separated again, ensuring complete security. Not only reinforced in glass, but in design, the locking and connecting systems allow for complete stability when locked into place. A good looking, secure addition to any home or building.

The FG03 system comes in a variety of colours and high quality materials such as nylon, stainless steel and aluminium components utilised in such a manner that they complement each other. As both an aesthetic and functional element of a building, these doors scream opulence and sophistication.

As one of the leaders in the glass industry, Frameless Glass provides the highest quality products with world-class service to match. From design to installation, maintenance and updating, we can ensure that you get a professional experience from start to finish. The process of planning and installing frameless glass can take four to six weeks, depending on the size of the project. Frameless Glass installations are done by our expert installers, ensuring that work is completed timeously, professionally and to your highest standard.

Frameless glass installations can be done in various parts of the country, with agents based in the Southern Cape, Gauteng, Namibia as well as branches in Port Elizabeth and KwaZulu-Natal, with head office in Cape Town.

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