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Security Mesh System

Due to our resounding success with our FG02 Security Shutters, FG Frameless Glass has added yet another Security application to our world renown FG range, namely the FG04 Security Mesh.


The primary door has a three-way lock system which secures the door middle, top, and bottom.


A deterrent against forceful entry. Precisely woven 304 stainless steel mesh.


Individual sliding stacking panels, (not bi-fold) is based on the same principle as FG03 which means that the panels can slide past furniture and swing open at the far end to optimize space.


Security Stackaway Mesh System

The Security Stackaway Mesh System is the best choice in aesthetically pleasing security. It allows for added security without taking away from the look, feel and natural light in the room. The FG Security Mesh Systems is the perfect solution for any residence or business that is located in areas dominated by critters and vegetation. These Security Mesh Systems not only keeps out unwanted critters but also adds security to your home or business without obstructing your view. Ideal for safari lodges, hotels, guest houses or homes surrounded by vegetation. 

As a product often combined with the Frameless Stackaway Glass Systems or aluminium bi-fold doors, Mesh reinforces glass doors and outer areas, ensuring that protection is maximised while natural light still flows freely. Maintaining a structure that perfectly increases security, the entire system with mesh can easily be opened and closed, letting you enjoy security at its finest. This innovative product was created due to popular demand across the country, combining the reliable and trusted Frameless Stackaway Glass System with an advanced security measure. Furthermore, this system has an interlocking profile which prevents crowbars from being wedged into the panels. This ensures added peace of mind when at home, letting you enjoy large glass areas and endless, open views without worrying about your security.

Glass panels and Mesh alike slide open and stack up, letting you adjust it to your liking. During summer days you’ll be able to enjoy a cooler room with the Mesh system in place. Whether opening up space in the day or letting in a cool breeze in the summer months, even shutting them up when away or asleep, this design ad a proven security measure to your home. Boasting an elegant design and sleek lines, without interrupting natural light in your home, these Mesh systems are ideal for any modern day home design. Not only a truly innovative answer to good looking security, but FG Frameless Glass also make use of advanced South African technology, materials, and fittings for a superior product range.

These mesh systems are also a proven deterrent to would-be criminals who know the strength of these products. As a trusted name in glass and the supplier of the security mesh you need, FG Frameless Glass. They can ensure that you get the home security you need. To find out more about top quality systems for the modern, opulent home or business, or just looking at potential installations, call the trusted professionals at FG Frameless Glass to get a quote.