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FG Frameless Glass Sliding Stacking Doors and Security Shutters.

Sliding Stacking Doors

Thanks to its predecessor FG01, the FG03 system has evolved into the first frameless sliding stacking system in the world with a cam lock design that enables the primary door to lock with a handle. The cam lock system in the opening box, replaced spring loaded child locks and bottom sliding locks, therefore bending down to lock and unlock the primary door has been eliminated.

The FG03 system has a unique guttering channel built into the bottom track to cope with water that might seep through in harsh weather conditions. This gutter acts as an internal drip tray with weeping holes leading the water back into the main track, of which the bottom is slanted outwards, so that the water can be released by water pipes or external weeping holes.

Security is created by fusing the 8mm or 10mm toughened glass onto beads and bars by means of structural tape, bolts and nuts. Once they are joined, they cannot be separated again, ensuring complete security. With a new turn handle and the lock and secure feature, once you swing the primary door into the closed position and turn the handle in the closing box, the cams will be activated, which in turn will push the panel into the lock position, ensuring complete security.

It comes in a variety of colours and high quality materials are used such as nylon, stainless steel and aluminium components utilized in such a manner that they complement another.


Security Shutters

Individual sliding stacking panels, not bi-fold. Sliding mechanism is based on the same principle as FG03 which means the wheels are situated horizontally in the top track and the panels cannot be lifted out of the tracks.

Between each panel there is a tong and groove section, vertically all the way from the top to the bottom of each panel that will prevent the crowbar from being forced through between the panels. The primary door has got a three-way lock system which secures the door middle, top and bottom.

Each blade has got a 4-mm stainless steel rod in it with a washer on either side. If the blade takes a pounding with a hammer, it will bend, but the washers will not tear out of the housing, keeping the blade intact.

The only shutter system of which the bottom track also act as gutter. Although the system will keep out most of the water, keep in mind, it is not insulated, therefore not advisable to be used as a primary application into the weather.


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