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Frameless Sliding Stacking Glass Systems

Open your view with our modish Frameless Glass Systems. Installations are done by our expert installers, ensuring that work is completed professionally, timeously and to the highest standard. Various powder coating colours are available to choose from.

The Frameless Glass System has evolved into the first frameless system in South Africa with a cam lock design that enables the primary door to lock with a handle.

We manufacture the system locally, enabling a shorter turnaround time.

Our Frameless Glass System complies with SANS 613 part N, making it the only frameless system in South Africa that has been tested by AAAMSA to a height of 2,7m that can be used as a primary application.


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The elegant aesthetic of our moving glass design creates a functional system that is not only easy to use but safe, secure and highly weather resistant. This provides a high degree of flexibility in its various applications. 

We offer a wide variety of frameless sliding stacking doors in our range. This enables us to provide you with the best possible solution for your space.

We also specialise in the enclosing of balconies, patios, verandas, braai rooms and any area you would like to enclose with frameless glass. Enclosing these areas enables you to use the space optimally, despite the weather conditions. 

Safety and Security

You can rest assured that your safety and security remain one of our top priorities.

Our frameless sliding stacking system is the first system in South Africa with a cam lock design that enables the primary door to lock with a handle. Once you swing the primary door into the closed position and turn the handle into the closing box, the cams will be activated – ensuring complete security. 

Weather Resistance

Our frameless glass systems are specifically developed and manufactured to withstand extreme South African weather conditions.

The frameless glass systems have a unique drip tray built into the bottom track to deal with water that might seep through in harsh weather conditions. The gutter has weeping holes leading water to the back of the track and water is drained out by a neatly concealed outlet pipe.

Why install Frameless Glass

Our systems virtually have no impact on your views. By installing frameless glass systems increase the usability of your space while adding value and style to your property. 

Sliding Stacking Frameless Glass became so popular as it eliminates all aluminium vertical lines and makes for an easy transition between in- and outdoor living. Where conventional sliding doors only provide you with a 50% opening, our frameless doors stack open providing you with up to 97% openness.

The frameless glass can also go around a 90-degree corner and be applied to curved enclosures. 

When installed on a balcony, the outside of the glass can also be cleaned easily by folding the panels inward to access the outside panel.

Our Frameless Glass Systems are ideal to be installed new buildings, buildings under renovation or any existing building. 

Frameless Glass Installations

We offer the following installations for residential and commercial projects.

If you did not find what you are looking for on this page, get in touch! We pride ourselves on offering exceptional customer service and customised installations.

Our highly experienced sales team will guide through your decision making process and assist you to find the best possible solution for you.

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