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Frameless Glass is the ideal addition to the business space. As a corporate and professional entity, you need to give off the aura of strength and passion, confidence and creativity, all the elements that make both clients and staff members proud to walk along the halls. The atmosphere you create within your business will guide all activity throughout the team, and as such you must create a space that shows you as the reliable, professional brand you are.

Business image in many ways plays on psychology, of both potential employees as well as potential clients. A corporate identity must convey a certain image and a certain persona, the décor must flow into the design and class must echo throughout. In this modern age of sleek spaces and clean cut edges, frameless glass offers the elegant touch that guides the eye and controls a space.

The office

When regarding office space for teams and executives, frameless glass walls and doors are the perfect way to create an open office. This ensures that the staff and executive spaces all flow together, a wonderful addition to any corporate environment and an ideal way to make all areas of staff feel part of the larger machine. Not only just an internal option, frameless glass is a stunning exterior window choice that lets in fantastic natural light, allowing a warm, inviting office space where staff enjoy spending time.

The conference room

No matter your business focus, whether formal-corporate or casual-creative styling, frameless glass gives you opulent flexibility, with a range of uses. It has a luxury feel to it that creates the most picturesque professional environment. With clean, clear glass sections fitted as walls, glass created the perfect, sound dampening barrier that allows for natural light and an open space.

The balcony

If you are lucky enough to have a balcony are in your office or on your floor, sliding shutters and stacking glass doors provide the perfect, easy to open barrier. You can have a completely closed off area, or you can open it right up for staff events and summer days. Flooding the work and common space with natural light creates depth within the room, a comfortable space to enjoy throughout the work day.

The kitchen

The kitchen and eating areas in businesses are also great areas to have open glass areas as walls. Whether clear or detailed, this allows much more natural light to flow through the office and kitchen space, fantastic for an area that is often stuck in the middle of the office.

Whether common area or office space, internal walls or external doors, FG Frameless Glass can turn your office space into a modern, opulent and professional work space. When both clients and staff feel proud to walk through the business, you can be sure you will receive the respect and dedication a professional entity needs.

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