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We specialize in the installation of frameless glass and security shutters for those who want to view their world without constraints.

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Frameless Glass as a solution Guesthouses & Lodges

The South-African economy suffered more than just a couple of hardships in the past years. Even though this made the general financial climate for most South-African sectors a bit more difficult than usual the hospitality industry experienced sizeable growth in recent...

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Maintaining your privacy with Framless Glass systems

You might have considered installing the innovative technology of Frameless Glass systems in your home or business to give it a face lift or to add that extra security layer – but the idea of losing your privacy by installing floor to ceiling windows might have lead...

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Security provided by the FG04 Security Mesh System

Crimes stats show that house burglaries are the most feared crime in South-Africa in 2017/18. It goes without saying that home security solutions are a priority to each and every homeowner in South-Africa but with endless options of securing your home, each solution...

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