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Why You Need Frameless Glass

Frameless Glass System

Frameless sliding stacking glass doors are the perfect design element to add a bit of elegant flair to your property. Frameless glass doors instantly enhance visibility between spaces and can create a beautiful indoor-outdoor living experience in any home or business.

Frameless glass is extremely durable, it’s resistant to the harsh South African weather conditions as we manufacture all our products locally and has an extensive lifespan. For these reasons and many others, frameless sliding stacking glass doors are an investment you won’t regret.

Let’s have a look at some of the reasons why you should consider installing frameless glass.

Increased natural light

What better place to take advantage of natural lighting than sunny South Africa? Frameless glass doors offer unobstructed views of your outdoor environment, which naturally lets sunlight into your home. Natural lighting is not only important for aesthetic purposes, but it’s essential for your health.

Temperature control

As you very well know, the heat in South Africa can be pretty extreme. Our frameless glass doors give you the option to open or close as many or as few of the sliding glass panels as you’d like. During summertime, you can keep the panels closed to keep in the A/C, and in the cooler months, you can completely open them to let in the breeze. Our track system’s versatility allows you to customize the airflow in your home exactly to your liking.

Maximizes outdoor areas

Traditional doors negatively impact the flow of open concept spaces by visually separating a room from the outdoors. If you have a large backyard that you want to open up to the main part of your home or a side entrance that you’ve been meaning to use more often, installing frameless patio doors can seamlessly integrate indoor/outdoor living spaces.

Increased home value

Did you know that installing sliding stacking frameless glass doors can increase your property’s value? Sliding glass doors optimize your open floor plan, enhance your living space, and expand your view, making your home more attractive to potential buyers.

Frameless sliding stacking glass doors are a simple yet impactful way to redefine your living experience. Our frameless glass systems is an investment in your property’s appeal and overall value. If you would like to discuss the options we have available, feel free to contact us on 021 982 4641 or send us an email at customerservices@framelessglass.co.za.

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