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FG Frameless Glass and Security ShuttersFrameless glass is a tried and tested way to achieve aesthetic success when it comes to creating an inviting space, especially within the hospitality industry of South Africa. Frameless glass walls, windows and door systems can take your hotel, B&B or guesthouse to the next level in interior design. FG specialises in creating a unique atmosphere that takes full advantage of the elegance of natural light and open space. Whether embracing light or creating an open space, there is a reason why hotels choose frameless time and time again.

With such a competitive market in South Africa, hotels need to present elegance and opulence to provide the best experience possible for their guests. While the design specifications for private rooms and common areas vary, the goal of these spaces is to create a perfect marriage of functionality, design and comfort. With tourism increasing year on year, so will the need for more space. With frameless glass you can easily add in an extra section or room without breaking the bank or building, making it the choice of freedom.

The benefits of going frameless

All hotels want to make a positive first impression on guests, and luxury hotels most of all want that impression to deliver not only excellent service, but also a moment of complete awe the moment a guest walks through the front doors. Frameless glass sliding systems doors allow for not only a clean cut entrance space, but one that can be opened and adjusted as the weather or occasion allows. These designs also allow for new types of entrances like corner doors, an imaginative alternative for entrances to bedrooms or bathrooms.

Another fantastic way to take full advantage of these stunning doors and walls is within the conference setting. Dividing a room or creating one large room is the versatility needed when dealing with the discerning conference clientele. Tailoring to the exact needs of guests is what sets a conference facility apart from the rest.

Having clear glass spaces, without bulky framing getting in the way, allows for free-flowing natural light and an undeniable elegance, whether you are walking to the individual rooms, entering the lobby, or eating in the dining area, this style presents a professional, successful image.

It becomes easy to create bright and flexible spaces by simply retracting or extending partitions, and the clear glass allows warmth and depth to flood the area. When regarding a hotel this equates to a large, inviting entrance that evokes a feeling of enjoyment and relaxation. The aesthetics of frameless walls and doors give the spaces the feeling of being endless. With unlimited possibilities to consider, using glass for internal and external features is a sure way to attract an elegant, high class image.

As a stunning addition to any hotel space, these opulent, functional decor elements allow your guests to feel at home in the lap of luxury. From bathroom setting to rooms and balconies, there is nothing that frames your view better than frameless glass.