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FG Frameless Glass Glass Image Post

The perfect sliding door for summer (stacking glass, open space, merge patio and lounge, enjoy the sun even more, etc)

Summer is for sun and fun, and the perfect time to enjoy the best weather South Africa has to offer. Whether lying on the beach or on the couch, having a braai with friends or a day for gardening, everything is made better by the glowing warm sun and the cooling breeze.

Taking full advantage of the summer time at home, or at your business during the work week, it is always best to have a space that soaks in the glow and lets in some cool air. Having an open space for air to move allows the air to circulate, giving you an even mix of heat and cool breeze that ensures comfort throughout the day.

When creating an enjoyable space for the summer time at your place of work, many opt for a balcony or large common area, however, there is usually a solid door or wall between these areas closing them off from each other. This means that areas are separated permanently and leave very little room for suiting the summer heat perfectly. With a system like a sliding and stacking frameless glass door, you can enjoy the freedom of customised space. With a professional, elegant design, these doors can be moved, stacked and adjusted to suit your specific needs. Open up the entire space on a hot day or during a corporate event, creating one area that flows between outside and in, or close it off completely when the weather turns or the space is  not needed.

A fantastic element of these door designs is that they can be opened section by section, letting you open one small walkthrough, or spread open the entire entrance way. With a stylish stacking design, these doors do not get in the way. They can be neatly stacked to the side, out of sight and out of mind, until you need to close up.

A wonderful addition to a lounge area at home, this lets you connect your patio, garden or balcony to your lounge. Opening up the entire space lets you not only enjoy more space and comfort, but lets you entertain guests all the better with an inviting area. The perfect addition to any home for the warmer months of the year especially, these stacking frameless glass doors let in the warm sun when closed and allow for free flowing air and movement when open. Whether a single door way for day to day use, or completely stacked away when enjoying a day in the sun, FG Frameless Glass doors offer unbridled enjoyment of summer, day after day.

Whether at home or the office, FG Frameless Glass has the perfect sliding door for summer, letting you create and adjust your space as it suits you.