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Sliding doorsWhen thinking of installing security solutions in your home bars and a “boxed in feeling” might be the first thing that comes to mind. Finding a security system that doesn’t take away but adds to the aesthetic feel of your home can be hard to come by.  Although security is absolutely necessary in this day and age you shouldn’t have to compromise on a solution that looks good.FG Frameless glass created a solution specifically for South-African homeowners that makes it possible to customise these stackable systems to meet your exact needs without comprising on the aesthetic feel of your home.

The Frameless Stackaway system is the next generation of frameless glass systems. Purpose built for South-African homes the stacking system is weather resistant with a built in drip tray and made out of toughened glass providing you superior security.

When installing the Frameless Stackaway system you will have one of two options to choose from,

1. Single stacking

The single stacking system will allow you to customize the structure by moving panels to either the left or the right.

2. Double Stacking

The double stacking option will allow you to customize the structure by not only moving the panels to the left and right but also stacking panels.This is an ideal solution for large enclosed areas. Here you’ll have the option to open the middle or a door on the left or right end of the system.

Regardless of what stacking option you prefer these systems will each provide you with three customisable options making it perfect for any occasion.


Glass panels can be slid open as a whole. Giving you the freedom to decide how much of the structure you chose to have open at a given time.


The folding option enables you to manoeuvre each panel as an individual piece allowing for ventilation into a room without having to open the entire structure.


The stacking option enables the user to create a large opening by getting rid of the entire system in one easy step. With innovative technology, these doors run on a primary track allowing for easy movement of the glass panels. These doors can stack away to the side or behind furniture creating an uninterrupted view of home and nature.

This elegant design that work hand in hand with advanced South-African technology provides you with an easy to use, easy to understand and very aesthetically pleasing system perfect for any modern home.