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Security Mesh Crimes stats show that house burglaries are the most feared crime in South-Africa in 2017/18. It goes without saying that home security solutions are a priority to each and every homeowner in South-Africa but with endless options of securing your home, each solution promising more safety and peace of mind than the next.The process of finding the right solution for your home can become tedious.

The FG04 Security Mesh System is an add on to the original security systems This provides you with customisable options making it the perfect solution for every home ticking all the boxes of providing a customisable, aesthetically pleasing security system without compromising on the level of security.

The security mesh system has all the benefits of the glass stacking system but now allows its users to enjoy the added benefits such as security and natural ventilation.

The primary lock system on these stackable security mesh systems consists of a three-way lock system. This system secures the door in three places – bottom, middle and top. By making use of a three-way lock system provides ultimate security and stability within the structure providing extreme preventative security measures against the possibility of intrusion.

The woven stainless steel mesh are often combined with stackaway glass doors. Although the glass doors are made of extra thick glass already providing security to the stainless steel mesh enables you to open glass doors without compromising the security of the stackable system. You will be able to have proper ventilation and fresh air on a hot summers day without compromising your state-of-the-art security system.

The security mesh systems are based on the exact same principle as the glass door stacking system. This enables the mesh to move away effortlessly for added space with all of the functional and aesthetic benefits of the standard glass door stacking system without interrupting the look and feel and natural light in your home.

By making use of top quality in the production of these innovative security systems for your home you can rest assured that you are investing in a superior product. Combined with leading technology these systems provide an elegant design and strongly reinforced structure for homeowners looking for a modern way of securing their home.