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Keep Your Property Safe This Festive Season

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Preparation is the key to prevention. Ensuring that your property is secure before going on vacation can be a lot of work. However, knowing it is secure while you are on vacation will make your stay away from home much more enjoyable.

With the festive season around the corner, a lot of people will leave their properties unattended while going on vacation. This leaves your property vulnerable and exposed to unwanted visitors. We take a look at ways you can keep your property safe while enjoying your much deserved holiday.

Intruders normally gain access to a property through vulnerable entry points.

Front and Back Doors

External doors should always be solid core doors. You can also install a security mesh door on all exterior-leading doors as an extra layer of security. Our security mesh doors will also complement your property and boost your property’s street appeal.

Hidden Keys

Many homeowners leave a key under the mat or in a potted plant. A burglar often surveys the house for days or weeks. During that time, they might watch the homeowner, family member or neighbour use the “hidden” key to gain entry. Now they have an easy, almost risk-free entry point.


Every window can be a vulnerability or an added home security strength. Windows are easy to break and traditional bugler bars can easily be bent or removed when you aren’t around to notice. Our security shutters can add another layer of security to your windows. You can read all about the other benefits of our security shutters here. Security mesh can also be considered for windows.

There are several methods to restrict the susceptibility of home to break-ins

  • Never leave a hidden key.
  • Never leave doors and windows unlocked
  • Use only solid core exterior doors with steel frames and multiport locks.
  • Add the garage to your home security system.
  • Use FG Frameless Glass’ security systems for peace of mind
  • Eliminate hiding places by keeping landscaping trimmed and away from entry points.

Following these few simple steps could prevent a break-in and ensure a happy homecoming. Give us a call on 021 982 4641 or send us an email at for more information about our security solutions for your property.

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