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Sectional Titles

We cater to sectional titles investors and developments. The FG Frameless Stackaway Glass System can be used as a patio or balcony enclosures for apartments and flats. This system is also suited for businesses that lease office space for freelancers, as the panels can... Read more


New developments project? Add elegance and security with the FG Frameless Glass range The FG Frameless Glass warehouse is local, thus, we can work with new developments by providing them with immediate assistance and services. None of our products needs to be imported... Read more


Residential renovation and development Renovating your home can be a tedious and time-consuming task, but with our product range, you’ll be able to add elegance and security without major inconvenience. The FG Frameless Glass range includes FG Frameless... Read more


Increase productivity through a safe and comfortable environment Most companies start small by investing in a small office or open plan floor and eventually expands. Employees’ productivity can be affected by many factors, including their environment. Some employees... Read more


Giving your clients a perfect view with a sense of home and comfort The hospitality industry has taken off in many regions and to accommodate this growth, many hotels, guesthouses and lodge are adding rooms, enclosing balconies, patios and even adding conference... Read more