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Slide 1It is not often in this life that we meet someone with more inner strength than previously thought possible, but Bianca has shown us just how strong and kind the human spirit can be. Brands care, that is the accepted statement at least. Now while that may be easy enough to say, every now and again a brand is given a chance to put their money where their mouths are and truly change someone’s life for the better. This is the story of Bianca, and how FG could help a beautiful girl have the chance to grow into a strong woman.

Bianca suffers from Autoimmune Hepatitis Aplastic Anemia, what this basically means is that her body is attacking certain cells and in turn, not producing balanced blood as it should. She is a young girl with a sweet smile and a heart of gold, someone who just deserves to grow up having fun in the sun. Sadly fun in the sun is not Bianca’s story. This strong willed little girl has been sick for over two and half years now, and the struggle is only just beginning. It all started when she was suffering from jaundice in July 2016, a liver condition that causes the eyes and skin to yellow.

The professor who diagnoses Autoimmune Hepatitis is stationed at Tygerberg hospital, and as such it seemed like the best idea to have her treated by the best possible professionals. Without the proper support or treatments, her life is missing important bits and pieces, that is where FG stepped in to lend a helping hand. An expensive series of events and operations that would sink many financially stable individuals, this is a time of need, this is a road best walked together.

Currently, the most weighted issue on Bianca’s little shoulders is Aplastic Anemia, which means her body is not making any white or red blood-cells, or blood-platelets. This means that this little angel will need a bone-marrow transplant urgently, however there is hope in sight as her sister awaits her test results to see if she can be a donor – if all goes well she could be the donor to saves her sister’s life.

A traumatic experience for any child, she has been in and out of hospital for both platelet and blood transfusions. The impact on her life, from a psychological view, comes into play most when dealing with her peers. Contrary to the norm, this is a girl that wishes she could go to school and play with the other kids, but to let her have this fun would be to put her at serious risk. She is not allowed to attend school because of the external factors to consider, illness and germs are commonplace in these environments. Even going along with her parents to the shops or to visit friends could put her at risk of catching a virus or devastating bacteria.

Due to the fact that she has to go back and forward between home and hospital, the emotional strain has taken a toll on this young girl. For someone as young as Bianca, this is quite a lot to take on and is emotionally exhausting on every level. With the help and support from her family and friends, she’s able to take it one day at a time, slowly fighting her way back to a healthy life.

FG Frameless Glass, upon hearing Bianca’s story, knew there was something they could do to help. By donating money for her bills and nutrients, and in turn inspiring other brands to do the same, they were the helping hand this family needed in their darkest times.

As a nation, we can help those in need, young to old, small to big, we have the power to change the world one person at a time. If you want to help or contribute towards Bianca’s treatments, please don’t hesitate to contact FG Frameless Glass for more information.