FG Frameless Glass

Pål Hansen introduced the first Scandinavian Frameless System to South Africa.

Frameless Glass and Security Systems hold impeccable workmanship and superb quality products at the forefront of business activities with clients.

The proud historical nature of our company stems back to FG Frameless Glass owner; Pal Hansen and the subsequent Scandinavian Frameless System to South Africa.

Affordability is a key contributing factor we take into consideration. We pride ourselves in exceptional customer service.

Security has become a basic necessity in our country and frameless glass paves the way to ensuring individuals are kept safe, whilst maintaining pristine and modernised architecture.

Our product range includes sliding stacking doors, security shutters as well as security mesh systems. We believe in creating versatile frameless glass solutions to meet the need of every client wanting efficient security without the constraints of cost, security adaptation or aesthetic appeal.

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