The Frameless Glass Stack Away System is beautiful, but is it practical”

This is a question which sprang to mind when I first laid eyes on the Stack Away System. It’s sleek, it’s beautiful, it’s sophisticated, but what about when the heavens open and a Highveld thunderstorm rages against them? What will happen when they are constantly bombarded by high winds and torrential rain during the wet season in Cape Town?

Despite the fact that the Stack Away System was utterly exquisite and ignoring the fact that it would transform my living space drastically for the better, I had to answer these all important weather worthy questions.

Knowing that if my lounge were to be flooded after a week of constant, unrelenting rain I would probably be the equivalent of a Bengal Tiger with a bad tooth ache, I decided to delve a little deeper into the practicalities of the Stack Away System.

Being a South African and having lived in different parts of the country I am fully aware of the challenging weather conditions we face, and how different these conditions can be depending on where you are situated geographically. It’s a tough task for the South African consumer because you need to be one hundred percent certain that the systems you invest in are going to be able to get the job done.

And by that I mean keep the rain out.

What did I find? Well, a lot to be honest. As I dug deeper into the history of Frameless Glass and the origins of the Stack Away System I began to uncover some really interesting information about a system which, clearly, I knew very little about.

I discovered that there was an original frameless stacking system which was pioneered in Europe but that it was never able to adapt and deal with our volatile African weather. No surprises there. It seemed that I would have to sacrifice my view and resign quietly under a dejected, defeated and, quite frankly, sopping banner which read “too good to be true”.

Boy, was I wrong.

I found out that the Frameless Glass Stack Away System is a proudly South African product. A system that was developed specifically to deal with the South African weather, especially in coastal towns where the wind off the ocean batters the seaside residences on a regular basis.

Bamboozled by my initial stance of ignorance I continued my search. I was pleasantly surprised to find that the Stack Away System which is being installed in homes and businesses across the country, the FG03, is the only system of its kind to date which is completely and utterly weatherproof due to the weather strips between the individual panels.

Wow, I thought to myself. And then the scepticism started to set in. What’s the catch? Is there something special I need to do which will probably be as inconvenient as keeping a rare breed of tropical fish which only eats Norwegian Purple Shrimp and requires a tank clean twice a day?

Again, I was mistaken.

The Stack Away System requires no maintenance whatsoever, except for the occasional buff with some Windolene; a fact that even the most pedantic of consumers could not complain about, I thought. On top of that I then picked up that the system has a 5 year guarantee, an added bonus which put my mind and my suspicions to rest.

In summation, despite my meticulous research and incessant scouring through product features and client testimonials, I could find no reason to believe that the Stack Away System from Frameless Glass could not handle our South African weather conditions, even on the coast. On the contrary, I am certain that this innovative, trendy and breathtakingly beautiful system will transform my home, give me a variety of spatial options, amplify my view and effectively protect my home against adverse weather conditions.

Come rain or shine the Stack Away System from Frameless Glass is, in my opinion, the future of home-based design and a proudly South Africa product which should be celebrated.