Sliding Shutter System

The tracking and stacking abilities of this system is based on the FG01 system

Due to the demand for a Shutter System and the success of the FG03 System, a FG02 Security Shutter System was added to the product range which is based on exactly the same principle as the FG03 system. The FG02 System is available with conventional manual operating louvers, with a stainless steel rod in each louver.

Louvers block out 95% of light. Although the method of sliding, folding and stacking the individual panels is unique to the FG02 System. It is not compulsory & we can offer conventional methods such as sliding or hinge. It is available in various colours as well as some wood grain finishes.

The FG02 Sliding Shutter System comes with a 5 year guarantee if used internally and 2 year guarantee if used externally. Conventional sliding or hinge options are also available.

Using advanced South African technology, materials & fittings, the FG02 Sliding Shutter System offers a 5 year guarantee if used internally and 2 year guarantee if used externally, master crafted with elegant lines, creating a superb finish. The FG02 is based on the mechanics of the well-established FG03 Frameless Glass System and the panels can either stack inwards or outwards. The FG02 System acts as a deterrent against forceful entry and aids as a barrier until preventative measures can be taken.

Each louver contains a stainless steel rod with a washer on each end. The rod is loose, enabling it to spin in the event that a prospective burglar should try to cut through it with a hacksaw. The washer also exceeds the size of the hole in the side plate to prevent it from tearing through the aluminium, should the blade be smashed with a hammer.

The top wheels slide into the track (horizontally) and each panel contains guiding blocks and inter lockers to prevent it from being lifted out of the tracks. The lock on the primary door secures the rest of the panels in the locked position.


Security Shutters


Individual sliding stacking panels, not bi-fold. Sliding mechanism is based on the same principle as FG03 which means the wheels are situated horizontally in the top track and the panels cannot be lifted out of the tracks.


Between each panel there is a tong and groove section, vertically all the way from the top to the bottom of each panel that will prevent a crowbar from being forced between the panels. The primary door has a three-way lock system which secures the door middle, top and bottom.


Each blade contains a 4 mm stainless steel rod in it with a washer on either side. If the blade takes a pounding with a hammer, it will bend, but the washers will not tear out of the housing, keeping the blade intact.


The only shutter system of which the bottom track also acts as gutter. Although the system will keep out most of the water, keep in mind, it is not insulated, therefore not advisable to be used as a primary application into the weather.

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