Frameless  Stack Away System

The Evolution of Frameless Glass Systems.

Introducing the next generation in Frameless Glass Systems, purpose built for the South African market.”

Frameless Glass has had a massive leap forward. Taking into account the many challenging weather conditions faced by the South African consumer, the FG03 System is dominating the market with truly next generation technology and unrivaled ease of use.

This system is proudly South African. Although the pioneering frameless stacking system originated in Europe, it never adhered to the ruthless African weather conditions.

We developed and manufacture the FG03 in South Africa to cope with the local conditions. The FG03 is the only frameless system to date that is weather resistant.

There is little to no maintenance involved and it comes with a 5 year guarantee for extra peace of mind.

Thanks to its predecessor (the FG01 system), the FG03 system has evolved into the first frameless sliding stacking system in the world with a double lip capital “H” weather strip between all the panels, including the primary door and the secondary panel.

This next generation Sliding, Stackable glass system (the FG03), utilises individual frameless glass panels to provide unimpeded and breath-taking views.

The elegant aesthetic of this moving glass design creates a functional system that is not only easy to use, but safe, secure and highly weather resistant in line with South African weather requirements, providing a high degree of flexibility in its various applications.

Technical Aspects – FG System

For increased stability and reduced deflection, both the opening and closing boxes on the opposite sides are lined with double wool pile to ensure a sealed and snug fit to the glass panels. For increased stability and structural integrity the wall thickness of our profile/frame exceeds those of any other aesthetically similar product available on the South African Market.

“The ingenuity of the FG Frameless System lies in its simplistic but intelligent design.”

Unlike aluminium and wooden doors which need to be compensated for on finishing of plastering and screeding of floors, the FG02 and FG03 is surface mounted.This means that installation only takes place after all plastering and screeding is completed and a datum level is in place.

Before the main contractor proceeds with water proofing, a 38 x 76 aluminium angle with our uniquely designed special FG Sealed Aluminium Lugs can be pre-requested for extra precaution. Installation will only be successful if completed by our fully trained and skilled technicians since it is highly specialised.

Is it safe?

Let’s be realistic – unforeseen things do happen.

Rest assured that if someone were to try and gain access to your home, that you’ll be behind 8mm or 10mm Toughened Safety Glass, which itself is incredibly tough (as its name would suggest) and that the amount of force required to break the glass will daunt even the most energetic of would-be burglars. In fact, it would be far easier to gain access through a wooden kitchen door than it would be to break an 8mm or 10mm Toughened Glass Panel.

Additional security is created by fusing the glass system into the aluminium housing, meaning that once joined, the glass panel and the aluminium cannot be separated again.

 How weather resistant is the system?

Even coping with Cape Town’s tremendous winds and rains in areas such as Blouberg Strand, Kommetjie, Bantry Bay, Camps Bay, Sea Point to name but a few.

The FG03 system is the only system that has been tested up to height of 2,700mm (10mm glass) and adhered to SANS 613 part N having been tested by SAGA to withstand 2500PA of wind load. In short the FG03 is the only frameless sliding stacking system in South Africa that can be legally used up to 2,700mm in height as a primary application.

The System has a unique guttering channel built into the bottom track to cope with water outflow, leading out from the gutter system with a neatly concealed outlet pipe. This allows clients using the FG System, to install carpeting right up to the glass panels.

It converts element facing areas into enclosed entertainment areas with dining room tables, and/or coffee tables right behind the glass, protected from the elements by the FG03 Frameless System.

Additionally incorporated into the system, as part of its unique design, is a framework. Both the opening and closing parts of the system have double wool pile fitted. Unique to this system the primary door will be locked in place by means of a handle in the opening box.

The handle activates cams which in turn will push the door over into the capital “H” weather strip situated on the secondary panel. This provides a secure, snug fit into the mounting boxes which minimizes deflection on the glass caused by wind, enabling the glass to deflect as a unit.

This also serves to eliminate rattling, often experienced in windy areas. This is the perfect answer to the wind problem encountered by users of older frameless systems.

A fact about our FG03 handle!

The innovative design of the FG03 system’s locking mechanism makes it the first of its kind in South Africa to lock with a handle.


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