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FG03 Sliding Stacking FG Frameless Glass

Glass doors are available in a range of widths and heights, largely dependent on your needs, however there are limits. Whether catering to larger sliding doors, static frameless glass windows or stacking doors, most are fitted to standard door sizes, but there is an allowance for customisation in special cases.

As a stunning feature to add to almost any space, large glass doors are a noticeable, elegant feature that can add light and depth to your room. A popular design feature in boardrooms, on balconies and in five-star hotels, glass doors can be fitted to a needed size, although most are designed to fit in a standard door level frame. While the height may be standard, the width of a glass door can vary.

With toughened safety glass, which is 8mm or 10mm thick depending on your selection, these strong, sturdy panels are perfect for all types of conditions. Installation times can be dependent on several conditions; however, this highly weather resistant and secure glass is tough enough to be cut into several sizes without losing durability.

Depending on the chosen space, often as a divider between areas like lounge and balcony, the entire stacking door, as well as the individual panels can be measured to fit. Divided into several panels that must be able to stack perfectly and fit across the gap. With equal parts and high-grade stacking systems, the panes of glass must be correctly fitted to ensure the best possible use of the door.

With a stunning range of frameless glass doors, available in a host of sizes to suit your needs, you need a professional brand to conduct assessments, installation and maintenance when needed. As a reliable brand, Frameless Glass should be your go-to company when needed glass doors in a range of sizes and designs.

Whether décor for your home or office, a frameless door with a clear view of the world around you are the perfect way to let light into a room and increase the space. Perfect for both outside and inside, relaxed environment or working area, this is an investment in your space.