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FG Frameless Glass and Security ShuttersSecurity shutters are a simple yet elegant addition to any doorway. With customisable length and placement, these can be ideally fitted to suit your needs. Simply put, shutters are the security barrier between the outside world and your windows and doors. These sliding, stacking shutters are ideal for a clean, modern look. Offering extra protection from the outside, as well as a visible barrier as a deterrent, their durable design ensures they can take enough force to secure your home. As an panel system that allows each section to be neatly stacked to the side, as well as shutter slats  that adjust for air and light, these offer ideal solutions for blocking out the wind without closing up the house. As an extra layer over sliding doors, these operate on a similar system, which ensures each can operate ideally alongside the other.

As a sliding door is just the door, whether framed or frameless, these can offer security and privacy. However, these do not offer protection from light or heavier elements, nor do they ensure a secure barrier. With the shutter as a premium addition to a sliding door system you not only ensure an additional level of protection, but also resistance from the elements and light when needed. With shutter slats that allow for air flow and adjustable light inlet, this is the perfect way to let a light breeze flow through the room without flooding it with light or the outside world.

Security is by far the most appealing element, followed closely by their fantastic aesthetic appeal. When combined with a sliding door these can create a clean cut, neat space for you to enjoy. Armed with a strategically designed locking system, these shutters also offer a more secure, closed barrier. Most framed sliding doors, for example, have a very simple locking mechanism, but with security shutters in place you have a tested, proven locking system at your disposal.

For a fantastic range of security shutters that you can rely on, be sure to contact us directly. We will connect you to our network of shutter professionals in South Africa.