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How the Frameless Stack Away System can add another dimension to restaurants

Weather. We have absolutely no control over it. We stick wind socks in the sky with spinning needles and extravagant barometers. Bleeping machines and hot air balloons and satellites and the list goes on.

We have nerds with degrees licking their index finger and raising it to the wind and telling us when the next hurricane is coming from, but despite all the bells and whistles, how effective are these tactics?  

The weather is unpredictable. So, if you are a business owner, let’s say a restaurateur, then you want to ensure that your business stays open come rain or shine.

If you own a restaurant, depending on where you are in the world, often you are at the whims of the weather. In Cape Town, for instance, restaurateurs may want to make the most of the sunshine in the summer months so they design their restaurants to be open and bright, trendy and stylish with big open outside areas, punctuated with umbrellas and palm trees.

Enjoying a light lunch out in the cape sun and sipping on a glass of dry white wine while you watch people stroll up and down the promenade. Sounds fantastic doesn’t it?

It’s great for summer but when the winds change and the winter rains batter the cape that’ll all change. What is the restaurateur to do when his open air area is being soaked by rain for weeks on end, when his palm trees whip patrons violently in the face and the umbrellas get torn out to sea?

The Frameless Stack Away System offers all types of business owners, from restaurateurs to car dealership owners the option of opening their business up to customers during sunny summer days and closing the doors to keep everybody warm and dry when the appalling winter weather arrives.

With this system your restaurant can be the type of versatile restaurant that serves cocktails and white wines during sunny days and battens down the hatches with a delicious carvery and deep red wines when things cloud over. It gives you options and as a business owner you need all the options you can get your hands on.

You may have concerns about safety, and rightly so. It is your business after all, so if you weren’t concerned, we’d be concerned. The Frameless Stack Away System offers powerful security, despite its stunning aesthetic appearance. The safety glass which is used to in the Stack Away System is extremely robust.

In fact, intruders would probably have an easier time getting through your back door than through the Stack Away System.

In my opinion, as a business owner, that’s the best of both worlds and peace of mind. What more could you ask for?