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Frameless glass doors often come under scrutiny for their security capabilities. Their look is that of opulence and elegance, however, their design is that of strength and tested structural design. A sophisticated system of glass that allows for daily use and efficient cleaning; however one question still remains – how secure are frameless glass doors really?

As metal and framework are trusted structural components of windows, one would think that without them they would present a weaker design. These frames are usually what helps to make doors secure and as such we have a predisposition towards thinking they are needed in today’s modern world. If frameless glass doors don’t have a sturdy frame how can they be secure?

These concerns are proven wrong time and time again by a stunning range of frameless stacking glass doors. A popular choice of door in South Africa, these are the perfect pictures of sophistication in hotels and spas, known for sleek, aesthetic appeal. While these frameless doors are not barred in by metal or wood, the design in itself is what makes them so secure. With a mechanism that allows for an easy and weightless opening feel, as well as glass that is about 7 times stronger due to the toughening process. Similar to the side window of your vehicle. With minimal lines blocking views or creating the feeling of being surrounded, frameless doors allow you to enjoy natural light and an open space.

As glass is thought to be weak, conjuring up images of shattering mirrors and splintering panes, most would think that glass cannot protect you. Glass systems used in a frameless door are designed in such a way they will never be able to be pried open due to the fact that it slides rather than clipping over one another.

As a sought-after element for any home or business, these stylish doors are most often enjoyed leading onto patios, balconies or gardens, as such they must not only be able to withstand the elements on a day to day basis, but also serves as a protective barrier against potential intruders. With a unique locking mechanism that allows for panels to be locked securely into position, as well as a connection and track layout suited to your space, these doors offer good looking, safe glass doors to your building.

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