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Giving your clients a perfect view with a sense of home and comfort

The hospitality industry has taken off in many regions and to accommodate this growth, many hotels, guesthouses and lodge are adding rooms, enclosing balconies, patios and even adding conference areas. The FG Frameless Glass range is the perfect solution to extending or enclosing any environment.

The FG Frameless Stackaway Glass Systems are perfect for balcony enclosures, guest house patio or braai area enclosure, adding guest rooms or boardrooms to hotels or even adding conference area.

FG Frameless Stackaway Glass Systems - Safari Lodge - Hospitality FG Frameless Stackaway Glass - Restaurant - Hospitality

The FG Security Shutter Systems is an added security and privacy layer to any room. The FG Security Shutters are available in a variety of colours. These can be installed as a replacement for blinds or curtains. These shutters are perfect for guest houses, wine farms and lodges.

FG Security Shutters Systems - Wine Farm - Hospitality FG Security Shutter Systems - Guest house - Hospitality

The FG Security Mesh System is seen as a security layer but also keeps your view unobstructed. This product is perfect for bush lodges and countryside hotels and guesthouses. The FG Security Mesh System adds security to any wide open areas without taking away your view.

FG Security Mesh Systems - Safari Lodge - Hospitality