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FG Frameless Glass Glass

Glass cleaning myths are plentiful, with most people thinking they know the secret way to treat glass. Luckily you have FG Frameless Glass to help you along the way. As the experts in glass and glass handling we can guide you through the shrouds of myths.

Using vinegar can clean windows

Vinegar, while trusted as a natural cleaner, is actually unable to eliminate the greasy and waxy build up that finely coats glass surfaces. Soaps and detergents are then able to bind with these greasy particles and remain on the glass itself. The drying process should the remove the cleaner and dirt from the surface, but with the added grease it will only create smudges on the surface.

Newspaper will give you streak-free glass

Time and time again people use newspaper as the “trusted” way to clean windows. Supposedly it is the best way to clean streak-free. Well, yes, in a way, but no. Newspapers at one point along the way were made out of papers and cottons that did in fact allow it to make glass fantastically streak-free in comparison to most other options of the time. Sadly, today the good ol’ print media is made out of completely different materials. These can actually leave streaks on your windows rather than get rid of them, but most are still convinced otherwise. Trying using rubbing alcohol or a glass cleaner with a microfiber cloth, these will slowly pick up small fibres rather than add more.

Framed glass is safer

Frameless glass is a fashion favourite, but many fear glass is unsafe without a hard frame. However, most do not know that with a rigid frame in humid, temperate conditions, warping can occur which will weaken glass. Especially when regarding a wooden frame, warping can put unwanted pressure, causing cracking. Frameless glass on the other hand is made from reinforced glass and supported by specially designed mechanisms. This creates a safer environment all-round with less chance of breaking and no chance of warping.

Cleaning solutions act instantly

No spray product can instantaneously clean your glass, no matter how good it is – the chemical reaction must take place. After applying a cleaning solution or spray, let it soak into the applied area for a minute or two at least. Wiping it off with a bit of elbow grease will ensure that nothing is left behind.

Any window cleaner can clean

Some window cleaners can only clean a certain range of windows, from small to large scale, plated, reinforced or others, many you use may not be right for the job. Depending on the area, need and visibility of the glass, different products should be used. Some may be heavier and better suited to exterior glass, while others are more delicate for hygiene focus in the bathroom.

Glass cleaning myths are always around, but with the right information you can ensure your glass is always sparkling. As your window to the world, don’t let dirt and grime block out the view.