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FG Frameless Stackaway Glass Systems - Safari Lodge - HospitalityThe South-African economy suffered more than just a couple of hardships in the past years. Even though this made the general financial climate for most South-African sectors a bit more difficult than usual the hospitality industry experienced sizeable growth in recent years. Due to a much lower exchange rate South-Africa pose as the perfect holiday destination for majority of tourists all over the world, adding a financial boost to the economy.

The growth in the hospitality sector lead to guesthouses appearing on every corner while existing venues started expanding and upgrading their venues and facilities rapidly. Adding features like conference rooms and boardrooms and wedding facilities or upgrading already existing features like closed balconies or patios. With tourists from all over the world flocking to the Karoo or the breath taking shorelines of Cape Town, guesthouses aim to provide a world class experience for their guests with innovative features.

The installation of Frameless glass systems provides venues with a luxurious, stylish feel with unobstructed views and added security features.

Designed with a cam lock system, locking and connecting systems and reinforced glass Frameless Glass systems provides any venue with a tailored solution that adds both an extra security layer and aesthetically pleasing and effortless design element.

Frameless Glass Systems comes in a variety of options tailored for every venue and their specific requirements. The security mesh system is perfect for the bushveld enabling guests to enjoy the magnificent views and wildlife without having to worry about unexpected visitors. The Frameless glass shutters available in multiple colours will add a beach house feel to coastal accommodation venues.

Frameless Glass provides a good-looking, innovative and functional solution for guesthouses, lodges & Hotels.