The FG02 sliding stacking shutter system was created due to popular demand, combining the innovative FG03 technology with a high-quality shutter.

Shutters slide open and stack up, ensuring the ultimate in convenience and minimal usage of space. Added to this, when closed, they will ensure complete privacy as the shutter system makes use of manual louvers which, when closed, will block out 95% of the light.

The elegant design and sleek lines ensures that the shutters will add to the visual appeal of your home or office, while we make use of advanced South African technology, materials and fittings for a superior product.

The FG02 Sliding Shutter System comes with a 5 year guarantee if used internally and 2 year guarantee if used externally. Conventional sliding or hinge options are also available.

The shutter system will also double up as an extra deterrent against forced entry, thus enhancing the security of the venue.

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