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In 1997 the proud owner of FG Frameless glass, Pal Hansen, pioneered the Frameless idea to which he introduced the first Scandinavian Frameless system to SA.

Since then he had exposure to numerous similar systems and for the last 5 years he utilized the Sunflex system. In cooperation with a dedicated team he utilized the experience they gained over the years to develop a new and more affordable South African system.

We specialize in the installation of frameless glass for those who want to view their world without constraints. Using advanced technology, materials and fittings the frameless glass system is master crafted with clean lines and a superb finish.

Immerse yourself in the world of frameless glass!

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the FG03 Sliding Stacking System

New innovation and a first for Frameless in the WORLD.
Reinventing the wheel? NO – just perfecting it.

No more pulling on child lock cables and bending down to reach slide locks to open or close your system.

By simply turning the handle 180 degrees once the primary door is in the closed position, the technically innovative designed mechanism will automatically push the opening / primary panel into a capital “H” weather strip (which is now fixed on the secondary panel), creating a perfectly sealed fit.

Have a look at this video clip on YouTube and decide for yourself which Frameless glass system you want to specify in the future:

Based on the same configuration as the FG03 Glass System, the FG02 Sliding Stacking Security Shutter System compliments each other when used back to back. Schalk Burger chose to use our systems at his residence to enhance both his aesthetics and security.

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